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How to Identify Registry Errors

How to Identify windows registry errors and when should I get a registry cleaner?

Aside from the huge advantages of a computer, there are some periods in its lifetime when it can be very annoying. You buy a computer and everything runs smoothly. Whether it is a game, or the latest software, you only have great words of appreciation. However, after a while, the computer starts slowing down. In time, it becomes so slow that if often dies and gets stuck, testing your nerves and patience. At some point, you end up losing your patience. Why is that? The answer is relatively simple. Your PC needs maintenance. The good part is that the hardware parts of your computers are alright. After solving their problems, they might run just as good and fast as in the first days.

The Windows operating system registries are databases that stock the configuration settings and the operating system options. Whenever you install a new software, a game, or even copy a file, the windows registry is updated with new instructions about running and exploiting these new features. When you uninstall or delete them, it is not unusual for those instructions to remain in the database. Therefore, whenever you start your computer, it automatically tries to execute those respective instructions. However, since the correspondent applications are not there, you get registry errors. The registry errors are actually what kill the speed of your computer. The most direct and secure method, but only accessible to experienced users, is deleting or manually editing of the respective registries. Again, this is only recommended for advanced users. Don’t try to stick your nose in those databases if you don’t know what you are actually doing. You might end up with killing your operating system completely.

However, an easier method is using specific applications for such issues, which verify, identify and automatically fix the registry errors. There are plenty of such programs out there in the market. Some are free, while others require paying for them. Anyway, most software will allow you a few days up to a month of trial, to test the program and see if it is worth buying it. When should you get a registry cleaner? The answer is pretty simple and inspired from your daily life. As soon as you notice a problem. Just like any other problem, noticing it earlier may save you some time and money. The more you wait and allow it to develop and gain control over more registries, the more it will hurt your computer. In order to prevent such issues, consider uninstalling programs, rather than deleting them. There are particular software programs that ensure a safer method to uninstall, which affects the respective registries as well. Therefore, registry problems shouldn’t be such a nightmare. Some programs even optimize the registries so well, that your computer may even work better than in the first days.

If a windows registry cleaner doesn’t help you with the speed, then you should consider antiviruses and anti-spyware programs. If viruses infect your computer, spyware programs are malicious programs giving access to your computer to the people who created them. They are way more dangerous than the registry errors, so act as soon as possible.

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